4 Medicines You MUST CARRY While Traveling!

Different people go through different health related problems in life. Even if you are completely healthy and fit with a strong immune system, there are chances for you to fall ill without. You know how easy it is for you to visit your family doctor, whenever you are ill or down with a symptom. However, when you are traveling, your illness can create havoc and cause discomfort to the other travelers as well. Therefore, you have to keep some medicines with you, whenever you are traveling to a distant place.

Following are the four general medicines that you MUST carry while traveling:

What if you are reading a good novel and there’s this sudden ‘motion sickness’ that you go through in the middle of your activity? What if you have a migraine attack and there’s absolutely no one there to help you with a head massage or provide you with cold water to splash on your head and face? This is the exact time when you need a pain killer for yourself.

Coughing may be “just-another-problem” for you, but when you are in public, it is not a good thing to cough constantly. It is not only disturbing for the others around you, but also an embarrassment for yourself! Whether you have a throat problem or not, carry a small bottle of cough syrup with you, so that you don’t disturb others in the same vehicle you are traveling in. I have personally heard so many people passing ill remarks against those who cough constantly in trains! If you are not allowed to carry cough syrups in your country, carry lozenges to soothe your throat.

If you are a woman, you never know when you may get your period. Whether you are going to bleed someday soon or not, make sure you always keep your periodical pain killer in your bag. Even if you don’t get your periods while traveling, you may get the chums when you are on your vacation or on the trip; such pain killers always come handy!

If you are someone who has a blood pressure problem, carry your medicines. You may still be able to get a pain killer or lozenges from someone in the train or flight or bus, but there is absolutely no one who can give you the medicine to control and balance your blood pressure levels. Therefore, always remember – if you have blood pressure, your medicines should be with you wherever you go!

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