5 Things Men Find Sexy

The first thing that will draw a mans attention to you is your confidence. A man loves a woman with a high level of self confidence. He finds it very sexy and a huge turn on. A woman who knows who she is and exactly what she wants, now that’s the ultimate turn on.

The second thing men find sexy is when a woman saves a little for the imagination. Its OK to show a little bit of skin, but don’t overdo it. Let him guess what you have under that dress. Trust me, he finds that sexy. If everything is just laid out there for him to see then whats the point in him paying you any attention? After all everything he wants to see is laid out on a platter for him. So please, save a little for the imagination.

The third thing men find sexy is a nice smile. So many women walk around with a mean look on their face and then they wonder why no one ever comes up to talk to them. Put a smile on your face, men really do love it.

Next up we have biting your lower lip. I think next to confidence, this is the second thing men find super sexy. You know how when you want it and you bit that lower lip? That drives men crazy. So next time you are out with your guy just look him deep in his eyes and bite your lower lip. Trust me, he won’t be able to sit still.

And the last thing that men find sexy is a woman who knows how to express yourself. If you don’t like something, make it known. Let him know what you want. You don’t have to be pushy, but don’t be a push over either. Its just not sexy.

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