Chef Loses A Finger To Lobster

Photo Taken Moments After Incident

Chef Pierre Mainville, a graduate of the Epicurean School of Seafood, recently learned a very painful lesson in the way of handling lobster.

On March 24, Chef Mainville was getting ready to prepare lobster newburg at his restaurant, Cove by the Sea in Augusta, Maine.

Upon reaching into the container to pick up a lobster for his dish, the lobster grabbed on to his finger and cut it off at the joint. The end of his finger fell into the bucket as blood poured from his finger. Amongst the chaos of Chef Mainville’s employees rushing to help their boss, the tip of the chefs finger was lost and could not be found.

Having had his finger cut off by a lobster, Pierre, in shame and disbelief drove himself to the emergency room where Dr. Jones, a regular customer at his restaurant, examined his hand and gave him first aid.

After leaving the emergency room, he returned to his restaurant to ensure that all of his employees had returned to normal work operations and that no harm had been done. His employees reassured him that everything was under control and they wished him well in his recovery from his lobster mishap. As he left one employee said, “Don’t forget to wear your safety gloves next time, boss!”

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