How To Know What A Man Wants From You

If you’ve been online dating for a while, you should have a pretty good understanding of what the men on that site want before you even talk to them.

His intentions are usually written all over his face

Geesh, how many women have I spoken to who don’t know how to or choose not to acknowledge what a guy wants from just looking at his face alone? Some may say it’s a biased and unreliable method of screening men and I wouldn’t entirely disagree with them, however if you are looking for a relationship and you continue to talk to men who look like strippers and wonder why they all take the conversation from zero to sex talk, then you may want to pay closer attention to what a man’s gaze says about his dating intentions. With practice you should notice a theme between a man’s ‘look’ and his ‘dating goal’ as per his profile.

What’s his dating intent?

On a person’s online profile, there is usually some indication of what that person wants to get out of dating. It may be that they are looking to date for fun, no strings attached hook-ups, a relationship or to get married for example. Look for a man’s intention on his profile and if you do decide to talk to him make sure you clarify what he wants from the outset of the initial conversation. He may lie, but if he is honest at least you won’t need to waste time talking to someone who has different priorities than you do.


If you start speaking to a guy and he goes straight from “Hi, how are you?” to “What’s your favorite sex position?” or something to that extent, it’s plain to see what he wants from you. On that note, I recommend you refrain from discussing sex with men during the early phases of dating. If it is something that appeals to you somewhere down the dating track, then maybe you can broach that conversation then. The thing is men aren’t privy to this information. Immediately you can lose respect by discussing your sexual bent or experiences. You want to portray yourself as a high value woman to quality men with potential. Quality men wouldn’t ask you these questions in the first place because they are inappropriate, given your intention and the context of the conversation. Secondly, once you have that sex talk, it can be very difficult to build on that. It is very difficult to go from talking about sex to discussing your favorite places to go on holiday, but much easier to go from sharing favorite holiday destinations to the physical realm in due time.