How To Make Your Over 40 Dating A Success

Whether you are still single at 40, divorced or widowed, your chances of finding love and being happy are not all lost. You still have the rest of your life ahead of you and just like everyone else you deserve to be loved and to love. Online dating has made things easy for people over 40 who are not very sure about going through the dating process all over again. The good thing about online dating is that you choose singles you wish to date and you can drop dates you feel are not what you expected before you waste too much time or get too attached.

Online dating at 40 also comes with the advantage of getting to know the other person better before you finally decide to meet and see where the relationship goes from there. You do not have to deal with nasty breakups in case you feel the other person is not your type as it is usually the case with offline dating. However, even with this kind of dating, there are things you must remember and do to make it the success you wish for it to be.

Set your expectations high

You are forty and not desperate for a relationship, especially if you have been in a number of them that have turned disastrous. Settle for nothing less than what you feel you deserve. Go only for a person you are sure meets your expectations; it is the only way you will be able to find what seemed to lack in previous relationships. Don’t be in a rush; be patient until that time you feel you have found the right person.

Be realistic

At 40 and above, you know best that it is practically impossible to meet a person who is perfect. Don’t expect to find a person over 40 with the perfect looks and a perfect personality as you did when you were a teenager. You are aging and so is the other single; be realistic with what you expect. Also important to remember is that you might both have baggage that you are dealing with. Think about your own baggage before you judge your partner’s baggage. You both have lived for years and you definitely have gone through challenging situations so it is expected that you might have some baggage you are still dealing with.

Be mature but fun

There is a difference between playing games and having some fun. At 40 you should handle love relationships maturely and seriously because you know what you want and you do not want to end up wasting the other person’s time. Being mature should however not be mistaken to mean boring. Have all the fun you can such as engaging in activities you both love and even a little flirting every now and then. When you have met the right person, maturity and fun in the relationship will come easy. Be yourself and go with the flow and you will be surprised at how it works.

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